About Us

Who we are

AIM Garments Manufacturing Ltd., LLC. is a privately owned and operated business that has been providing customers with top-notch garments since 1994. We have served many businesses over the years ranging from universities, to retailers, and medical facilities. Our company, AIM Health Solutions, is the child of AIM Garments. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a massive shortage on critical PPE products for our health care workers. Since we ARE the manufacturer, we stepped up to the plate to alleviate that problem.

With decades of garment manufacturing experience and an endless source of fabric suppliers, we are able to offer the highest quality PPE at a competitive price.

Being the manufacturer we are able to offer something that most other brands can't, and that is customized goods. Our team works tirelessly to bring your visions to life and so if you don't see something in our catalog that you would like to purchase - we'll make it for you.

Our mission is simple:

Provide our customers with excellent products and unparalleled customer service, continuously improve products in order to exceed customer expectation, encourage our employees by cultivating, nurturing, and maintaining a team-based environment, and manufacturing responsibly with clean, well maintained facilities.


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